4 of the Most Stunning Handmade Kids Presents to Give in 2017

Handmade toys often end up being some of the most treasured by the kids who receive them.

That said, adults can sometimes be nervous of giving children handmade toys due to fears at to their safety. For this reason, it is advisable to only ever purchase handmade toys made here within the UK and never outside of Europe where the safety regulations by which toys must be made when intended for the market have to withstand rigorous testing and meet stringent criteria relating to safety.

Warnings given, here are 4 of the most stunning handmade kids’ presents to give in 2017 that do exactly that, and so much more besides!

  • Handmade Teepee Dens

Children’s dens are rarely ‘stunning’. That is, they rarely add to the décor or look pretty. More often than not a bed sheet spread over the dining table or pinned up between armchairs is about as creative as a den gets, not that most kids mind; after all, this is usually sufficient for a little person to let their imagination do the rest, that is until the den needs to be taken down.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to having to deal with the tears of destroying a child’s den and as well to having to sacrifice your dining table when a little one requires the use of a fort or fairy castle. The ingenious team at Just For Tiny People make handmade, personalisable and the most imaginative and beautiful children’s teepees going.

Super easy to assemble, as well as being equally easy to dismantle and store, and providing kids with a den they can leave up in the bedroom that looks as magical as the places and worlds it will allow them to venture to, the Just For Little People teepees are also available in a range of sizes for children of all ages. Hence, this is one gift parents are likely to love as much as their kids, even if they aren’t invited in to join the tea parties, mutinies and magical goings on that take place inside.

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  • Handmade Board Games

Handmade toys are not just for younger children. Many handmade toys, as well as some of the most educational and beautiful ones, are intended for older children and / or the entire family to enjoy.

This is definitely true of the myriad of handmade board games available for purchase via the UK Etsy website, and here are just three examples of the best handmade board games currently featured on the Etsy site:

  • Handmade Toy Boxes

Handmade toy boxes are nothing new. Rather, they have stood the test of time because every kid needs somewhere to store their toys and quite simply, real wood toy boxes provide the most durable and as well beautiful place to store toys in any child’s room or nursery. Hence, it is likely there are few if any people out there who haven’t seen their fair share of stunning handmade toy boxes.

What many might not have seen though is The Posh Box Company handmade and personalised toy boxes. The Posh Box Company make and embellish solid wood toy boxes that feature lids amazingly illustrated with all manner of imaginative designs, from retro racing cars to fairytale style illustrations of magical castles. Hence, for a handmade toy box with a real difference and to add an extra special touch to a toy box, gives those created by Posh Box a browse.

  • Handmade Camera Set

Children are getting introduced to modern technologies such as camera phones and tablets at younger and younger ages these days. Whilst this is fantastic in that it enables children to begin picking up skills required to succeed in school and beyond, all too often these devices are geared towards making adult life easier and more entertaining. That is, these are not necessarily gadgets meant for children to use as toys. Further, many, for this reason, worry that the art of imaginative play is being lost.

Fortunately, there is in 2017 a fantastic way to reintroduce it; one such way is by handing a child there very own handmade wooden film camera set, sold via Cox and Cox. Quite possibly the most aesthetically stunning handmade gift to make this list, this handmade wooden camera set is the perfect present for any little hipster.

The set includes a long lens camera and handheld old school film camera which have both been lovingly handcrafted and beautifully finished. Without being actual working cameras, this challenges children to instead use their imagination and look more closely at the things they see.


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