Appeal of Vivid Pearls for Creating Stunning Jewellery Pieces

Pearls are one of the most sought after gems used in jewellery making across the world. These are mark of elegance, social standing, success and distinction. Gone are the days when pearl divers used to scour the oceans in search of most valuable gems.

Greed and pollution have destructed the ability of oceans to produce the pearls. These days, pearls are made through grafting process. This procedure was popularized by Kokichi Mikimoto and then perfected by Robert Wan. There is a great demand for Mikimoto pearls worldwide.Image result for Appeal of Vivid Pearls for Creating Stunning Jewellery Pieces

Types of Pearls

  • Natural Pearls – These rarely found pearls are extremely expensive. Unlike a freshwater and cultured pearl, these pearls don’t have nucleus. Only an X-ray can detect whether the pearl is natural or not. These pearls are priced $100K and more.

Someone dealing in natural pearls will have a certification showing results and tests about originality of these pearls. These are mostly found in high end auction houses, Mideast and luxury jewellers.

  • Freshwater Pearls – These pearls are as costly as natural ones and are created and formed using freshwater mussels. The grafting mechanism of these pearls begins with selection of a donor mussel and piercing a tissue strip from mantle. The strip is then cut in squares of three millimetres and the squares are handed over to technician who works on it.

Unlike saltwater, grafting of these pearls is not difficult and requires only minimum training to be given to technicians. These pearls are bought when these are still in shell and are delivered to factory, which is responsible for its sorting and cleaning. Then these pearls are treated in a cold and warm chemical solution, thereafter these are bleached. 


Any pearl, be it natural or freshwater is priced and judged as per its orient, shape, size, colour and luster. Therefore next time you buy a pearl make sure you check its originality before making an investment. You can check various pearls available at

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