Beauty in all of its forms is wonderful.

Beauty is what catches the eye, it is what attracts people. Beauty can be found in every aspect of nature. In the trees, the flowers and also in human beings. Many artists depict it in their paintings many writers in their words. Beauty comes in various forms. It is what appeals and makes one charming. So many beautiful people have used this power of beauty and have gained success in the fields of modeling and acting. They have acquired big names in the industry for their beauty has attracted the masses and considered in the most beautiful women of 2016.

Here are a few women who have gained success because of the natural beauty that they are:

  • Pia Wurtzbach– A model from Philippines, she was crowned the Miss Universe in 2015. She is sure to have a great career as an actor and a model in times to come.
  • Jennifer Aniston– She is an age defying beauty. A model, an actress and also a business woman, her beauty is what has taken her to great
  • Angelina Jolie– Being one of the most beautiful people in Hollywood, she is gorgeous and has a very successful career as an actor.
  • Nana Im-Jin Ah– She is a young Korean singer cum model and actor. Nana is her stage name. She is one of the most beautiful Asian models in the world.
  • Priyanka Chopra– She is one of the leading and most beautiful actresses in Bollywood. She is a former Miss World and has set her foot deep into Bollywood as well as Hollywood as an actor and a singer.

Yes, beauty can be age defying; it is natural and has to be maintained by taking good care of ourselves. Not just actors and models can be beautiful, beauty can be found all around, even in the commonest of them all.

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