Choosing a Diamond Engagement Ring

Choosing a diamond engagement ring is no easy feat. It leaves the decision entirely in the hands of the person proposing and they might not be entirely sure of where to even begin, especially given just how important picking the perfect ring is, so there is certainly a lot of pressure when it comes to making the right decision.

The perfect engagement ring will make her say yes faster than you can put the ring on her finger. It’s a moment most woman dream of and the importance of a great engagement ring cannot be overlooked – she will want to remember this moment forever, so let’s make it’s a ring she likes!

Take a look at the following tips for choosing a diamond engagement ring:

Know Your Budget

The first thing to get out of the way is to establish your budget. There is so much choice when it comes to engagement rings that you can find a ring to suit almost every single price range, you just need to know what this is before you get started!


More than anything it will allow you to help the jeweller make suggestions that are within the parameters of your budget, making sure you don’t get shown rings that you know are well out of your price range.

Understand the Four Cs

The four Cs are a way to measure the worth of a diamond by their characteristics and knowing what these are should give you a good base to go browsing for a diamond engagement ring. Not only do the impact the value of the diamond, but the appearance of the gemstone.

Colour –Colourless diamonds are deemed to most valuable, so the less colour a diamond has the more valuable it will be. This can be hard to notice for most, but jewellers will be able to provide a colour scale to help.

Clarity – The clarity of a diamond is in reference to the lack of any blemishes and inclusions in the stone. A lack of any of these will greatly increase the value.

Cut – How a diamond is cut affects its ability to shine and its overall appearance, although it can be hard to measure. High quality craftsmanship should result in a symmetrical and polished diamond, which can be one of the biggest factors in appearance and value.

Carat Weight – A carat is a measurement of weight equivalent to 200 milligrams, so the more carats the higher the weight and therefore value of the diamond. Diamonds of the same carat weight are not always the same value however, as the cut, colour, and clarity can affect this.

Look at Her Current Jewellery to Get a Sense of Her Style

By looking at her current jewellery you can really help understand what she would like from her engagement ring. Does her jewellery appear classic or is it more of a modern style? What are the colours of the metals used? Are they thick and chunky or thin and delicate? Knowing any of these things gives you a much better idea of the type of ring she will like.

Getting Her Ring Size

Understandably most men don’t know much about ring sizes. And while it may seem rather difficult to find out this information without making your intentions quite noticeable, there are ways to subtly find this information out.

Either take one of the rings you know she wears on the ring finger or just jot down the dimension itself by copying the inner circle of the ring on a bit of paper. Taking this to a jeweller will help them get the correct measurements for her size without alerting anyone to your intentions.

The Shape and Setting

The shape of a diamond engagement ring is incredibly important. This is a piece she will be wearing pretty much every day for the rest of her life, so you want to make sure it is something that she will enjoy wearing.

If you have no idea what shapes of rings she lies (maybe she has said it before or has spoken highly of someone else engagement ring), sticking to the traditional round or square shapes are usually a safe bet. These styles rarely go out of fashion so you can’t really go wrong with them.

The setting refers to how the stone is set and is determined by the shape of the stone. There are many choices when it comes to mount the diamond, from the classic solitaire to the more extravagant side stone and three stone settings.

These are important for securing the diamond as well adding an extra layer of design to the engagement ring, and the jeweller should be able to run you through the most popular settings.

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