Choosing Between the Different Types of Sparklers

Depending on what holiday or event type you are shopping for, there are many different sparkler options out there. Some types of sparklers are appropriate for your backyard barbecue, while others are better suited for use at an indoor wedding. More importantly, some types of sparklers are not ideal for certain scenarios and that is ultimately what you want to avoid when you’re shopping. Here are a few common holidays and events where sparklers are used along with tips on which types to look for while you’re shopping.

Patriotic Holidays

The most obvious holiday that would cause you to shop for sparklers is the 4th of July, but that is not the only patriotic day we celebrate where their use is appropriate. In fact, there is a whole list of patriotic holidays that sparklers work perfectly for, but the concept of what you want to shop for is essentially the same. Look for sparklers that come in bold patriotic colors like red or blue to suit the mood of the holiday, or opt for something really exciting like neon colored sparklers.

Birthday Parties

Birthdays aren’t quite as traditional for using sparklers, but it is becoming more popular as time passes. You can get regular sparklers to hand out to the kids to play with in the backyard, or you could get sparklers to put on the birthday cake instead of or in addition to the regular birthday candles. The sparklers you put on a birthday cake are a little different than normal looking sparklers and are harder to come by so you may need to shop online for them.2

Weddings and Engagements

Using sparklers at weddings is very popular these days, but many couples buy the completely wrong type of sparklers when they head out shopping. The correct type of sparklers to use at a wedding will be made of metal, be gold in color, and be branded as smokeless so they can be used indoors without having to struggle with ventilation issues. They come in a variety of different sizes, but most experts agree that 36 inch wedding sparklers are you best choice since they are the largest available. You can also use birthday cake sparklers on your wedding cake if you are feeling especially bold, but this is much less common.

New Year’s Eve

Ringing in the New Year is usually associated with noisemakers, funny hats, grandiose fireworks displays on television, but lots of people celebrate at home with sparklers. Unless you live in California, Florida, or another southern state that stays warm all winter long, that means you’ll be using your sparklers indoors. For that purpose, you’ll want to buy the same type of sparklers you would for a wedding since they won’t make any smoke. There’s no need to buy the 36 inch long ones, however, shorter ones will work just fine for New Year’s Eve and will be less expensive.

Knowing which type of sparklers to buy is as simple as shopping for your chosen holiday. Just remember to shop for colorful sparklers for patriotic holidays and smokeless sparklers for weddings and New Year’s Eve and it will make your mission as painless as possible.

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