Demystifying The Codes For Different Women’s Attires For High-Profile Events – How To Set A Statement

It is not unnatural for most women to cringe when they receive their set of invitations for this seasons’ most high-profile events. While on the one hand it is a point of ride to be allowed to socialize at that high a level, it is also mandatory to brush up your dressing etiquettes for such events before every new season. Most importantly, you have to decipher the attire. Do not worry, here is a smart guide for every dress code variety, and some tips to help you make a flourishing statement each time you grace the floor of a gala, charity event or awards night.

Black tie, white tie and creative black tie

While most formal wear invites used to contain the missive for a black tie or white tie attire in the past; today it is not uncommon to see a creative black tie code attached to many of the initiations. In addition, while in the white tie segment you are strictly allowed to wear floor length dresses, you can add white opera gloves or elbow length gloves to the attire as well. Black tie allows you to pick an option from floor length as well as shorter hemlines for formal dresses. However, with creative black tie, you can experiment with pantsuits, graceful cocktail dresses, short hemlines as well as fusion dresses for the party.2

Cocktail attire for music parties

Music parties, award nights or even after parties for some major events have a more semi-formal flair. However, you will still be rubbing elbows with high-profile guests and paparazzi. The dress code allows you to choose any kind of hemline for your dresses, but stay away from the floor length versions for the after parties. You should also choose lighter fabric choices with chiffons, georgettes, and crepes leading the pack.

Festive attire for seasonal parties and weddings

If you have a horde of invitations for this year’s wedding season, make sure you have stocked up on your festive attire collection. You should have different dresses in bright and cheery colors. You can also choose smart tailored black dresses for the occasions. Do not choose eggshell, cream or white colored dresses for weddings as this is considered bad manners, unless the color theme is mentioned in the wedding invite.

Smart tips for a powerful style stamen

Invest in a dazzling collection of jewelry pieces that will create a statement on their own and can be paired with any type of attire. Rare gem collections from top brands such as David Birnbaum Rare 1 are often preferred by the top elites of the country. Having contacts with the perfect stylist and make-up artists make a huge difference in the way you pull off the entire look for any kind of attire.

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