Fun Facts about Mother’s Day

The concept of celebrating Mother’s Day is quite nascent in India but there is some interesting fact about Mother’s Day which very few of them know. After all your Mom has always been the most special person in your life, after all she is the one who has consoled you during the hardest of times with tissues. Whenever, you had fallen ill, she was the one who used to sit next to you to ensure that you get back on your foot as soon as possible. Since they are selfless species so they ought to be celebrated and therefore, we feel that Mother’s Day is one such occasion which ought to be celebrated to make your Mom feel special and loved. Present her mother’s Day flowers to make her feel that she is truly special for you.

We have listed down some fun facts about Mother’s Day which you didn’t know off

Mother’s Day was often called Mothering Sunday. It was on Mother’s Day during the 1600’s when Mother’s Day used to fall on fourth Sunday of Lent. And during those times, kids use work from the age of 11and they used to come back to their families, especially Mum. They would pick up flowers for their Mum to make her feel special.

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Although Mother’s Day is a global celebration, it is celebrated on different dates in different parts of the world. The people from UK celebrate it during the month of March and Indians celebrate it in the month of May but the essence remains the same which is to express their love and gratitude to their Mums.

Carnations are considered to be the ideal flower for a Mother’s Day celebration. It is believed that carnations were grown on the land which was marked by the tears of Mary and from thereon it was considered to be the most suitable flower for the occasion.

Hitler, a person who is very well known for his atrocities was keen to celebrate the mothers of Germany. When he was in power, he used to celebrate the occasion with a lot of pomp and show.

For many florists, Mother’s Day turns out to be one of the busiest occasion, more than Mother’s Day. The percentage of increase is more than Valentine’s Day. You can shop for flowers for Mother’s day and get it designed by some premium florist to put up a gorgeous smile on your Mother’s face. You can also complement it with some personalized gift which is quite thoughtful and will surely be appreciated by your Mum.

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