Getting Ready for Pregnancy

When i was getting ready for pregnancy and wanted to have my first baby soon, I kept wondering how long it will take to get pregnant. Thanks to this pre-pregnancy course that was suggested to me by my sister, I got all the answers I needed. The most important thing that baffles me was the odds of getting pregnant in a particular month. This course exposed me to the things I needed to know while getting ready for pregnancy.

I understood my chances of getting pregnant in a specific month and how it further decreases with increase in age. This pregnancy course offered by Babedu Academy exposed me to irregular menstrual cycle and how it can affect ovulating period. I currently know how to calculate my best love making period.

This course taught me tips to improve the probability of getting pregnant especially when I was getting ready for pregnancy. After few months of trying the principles from this course, I got pregnant and safely delivered a baby boy.

At first, my pregnancy preparation was almost affected by medical conditions or illness but these courses made me overcome the little problem easily. I keep wondering how I and my partner should have sex while we were trying to conceive but this course saved us the stress of spending maximum energy on sex. The best time to have sex was revealed and I was properly advised.

While my partner and I timed our love making, we made sure we had sex at the proper time. The result was a healthy bouncing baby boy. Babedu Academy pre-pregnancy course explained the tips of getting ready for pregnancy and how I should stay off pills in order to ensure a high possibility of getting married. Babedu Academy’s pre-pregnancy course is the best and I am glad I participated.


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