Gold Plated High Quality CZ Top Bottom Fang Grillz Set

The gold plated high quality cz grillz set is an integral part of the hip hop culture. Whether you are a great fan and listener of hip-hop or love to look different among friends, this gold plated Rois D’or grillz set is for you. This pre-made set is a one-size-fit-all for all mouth sizes. You will find it custom fit into your mouth without any difficulty. It comes with silicone molding bar and all the instructions you need to fit it. This is a high quality set that looks exactly like the real Grillz but costs only a fraction.


The key features of the Rois D’or are as following:

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  • It has a custom-fit design that allows anyone to wear it. It can fit even crooked teeth.
  • The silicone molding bars can be resized to ensure perfect fit
  • The grillz set feature premium gold plating
  • Easy instructions come along with the set. Follow the instructions and fit the grillz in minutes.

The gold plated high quality cz grillz set gives you the looks and feel of the real grillz without the need to spend thousands. Rois D’or has designed this pre-made grillz set in high quality while keeping the prices low.

Rois D’or Online Store

Rois D’or provides a wide range of jewelry pieces focused on the hip hop culture. Choose from a variety of styles including platinum, gold, silver and cubic zirconia. Rhodium coating is available on majority of its collection. Thus, the jewelry pieces are not only elegant and affordable, they also have excellent resistance against corrosion.

The online shopping experience on Rois D’or is also flawless. When shopping for gold plated high quality cz grillz set, you will find the online store providing an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

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