How Does the Wedding Dress Empire Look Like?

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Lately, Empire silhouette wedding dresses have gaining popularity. It is not surprising, because every girl who chooses such a dress turns into a goddess, descended from Olympus. This model is also called Greek. The Empire dress is distinguished by an overstated waist, the line of which is located directly under the breast. Besides, it is floor-length dress. The lower part of it can be straight or flared. The wedding dress “Empire” emphasizes the chest and therefore looks very favorably on the bride with a small bust.

The style of Empire Dress

The skirt. As we have already noted, a wedding empire dress can have a straight or flared skirt cut. Hem of two skirts looks very beautiful. The bottom part of the hem made of a denser fabric and the top is manufactured of a transparent chiffon. The skirt has a cut in front (then you get a flying train) or has several layers.

The upper part. The top of the dress can be made in the form of a top or bodice without straps; it can have wide straps, a strap across the neck or on one shoulder. Empire gowns with open shoulders and back, fastened on the neck, look very elegant. The bodice of the open model can be draped with a light cloth.

Sleeves. Traditionally, the Empire dress should not have sleeves, because it is, in fact, a stylized Greek tunic. However, the modern outfit can be made both without sleeves at all and with sleeves of any length.

Cloth for Empire Gown

Empire dress can be made of satin, silk, and chiffon. Sometimes the upper part is made of brocade, and the skirt and trim are manufactured of chiffon or silk.

Accessories for Empire Dresses

As in any other case, accessories should be chosen depending on the model of the particular dress, as well as the time of the year for which the wedding is planned.

They can be:

  • high gloves;
  • a bolero or cape;
  • an elegant little handbag, embroidered with beads or ribbons;
  • a veil;
  • necklaces and bracelets;
  • a diadem.

As for shoes, open sandals with thin straps on the stud or low heel will be ideal. Shoes and ballet shoes may also be chosen. However, shoes with thick heels don’t look good with the dess. In general, any accessories that you want to complement the Greek dress should be elegant.

What Kind of Bouquet to Choose?

The following types of bouquets will suit wedding dress in the Empire style:

–       neat spherical;

–       cascaded;

–       peculiar fan-shaped.

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