How to Maintain A Quality Wardrobe

We all know that while quality clothes are expensive, in the long run they are absolutely worth the investment. Well tailored clothes, made from quality fabrics will outlast trendy, inexpensive pieces for years on end.  Anchoring your wardrobe with well made basic pieces is the first step in developing a quality wardrobe.  After beginning to collect these pieces, how should you care for them? Follow these tips from the professionals for protecting your investment for years to come.


  • Suits jackets, sports coats and blazers should always be hung on wide armed handers preferably made from wood.  Natural fibers, wool, cotton and silk, all need to be hung in such a way as to maintain their shape. Thin wire hangers will leave stretch marks on jackets and cause the shoulders to lose the tailored shape.
  • When storing off season or seldom worn items, never encase them in dry cleaner bags or plastic storage bags.  Natural fibers need to breath and plastic thwarts this process. Clothes being stored in a climate controlled space do not need to be covered.
  • When hanging trousers or dress pants, invest in quality trouser hangers line made of wood and lined with felt. Hang trousers by cuffs or hems with seams aligned.  This will allow the weight of the trousers to naturally pull out any wrinkles while still allowing the pants to maintain their shape.
  • Sweaters should be folded with arms crossed behind the body and gently folded in half. Never hang sweaters as this will cause them to lose their shape.  More often than not, sweaters can be simply air out after wearing. If they do get a spot, take them promptly to the dry cleaner. The longer stains remain on clothing, the harder they are to remove.


Following these tips will ensure that your investment in quality clothes is protected.  When stored properly, quality clothing pieces will maintain their shape and continue to flatter your figure for years to come. Enjoy your investment!

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