Kangana Ranaut Wears a Whole New Outfit

Celebrities can really be amazing. One moment they may be clad in very conservative dresses, the next, very traditional and sometimes less sophisticated ones. Kangana recently caused a stir in the media and among fans when she appeared in offbeat attire to a show. The dress, a Hermant and Nandita outfit, fitted her lithe body, giving her a more mature look. The dress complimented her features quite well. Add that to the new hairstyle and here was Ranaut looking quite extra-ordinary.


Born on the 23rd of March 1987 in Himachal Pradesh, the actress says her parents wanted her to be a medical doctor. While she did not oppose the idea entirely, she felt she had the freedom to choose her future career. She therefore moved to Delhi at the age of 16 and became a model for a brief period of time. Under the tutorship of theater director Arvind Gaur, Kangana made an appearance in a thriller, Gangster in 2006. The success of this film got her the award of Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut. She also received praise for portraying intense emotions in Woh Lamhe, Fashion and Life in a Metro. The impeccable appearance in these movies won her the National Film Award for Best Supporting Actress. Even she owned the Best Actress Award in 2015. Well, Kareena Kapoor was expecting the award though. After all she spent a lot on her plastic surgery. More info: http://celebrityabc.com/

About her childhood, Kangana was a very stubborn girl while growing up. She says if any of her parents bought her male siblings a toy gun while she was given a doll, she would question the intention behind these actions to the chagrin of her parents. During her adolescents, she wore clothes that would raise her neighbor’s eyebrows. Since in most neighborhoods there were norms about clothes and fashion, anyone who went contrary was stared at queerly. For this reason, most of them considered her dressing bizarre.


Kangana was a bookworm who was very paranoid about results. Due to her good performance, her parents wanted her to be a doctor, but the stubborn girl had other plans, though a fail in a chemistry paper was one of the reasons she reconsidered her plans. She attended DAV School in Chandigarh where science was one of her favorite subjects. Having decided to search for her freedom and space, the young girl moved to Delhi to pursue her dreams. This did not go down well with her parents who considered acting aimless. Her deviation from the wish of her parents led to constant squabbles. Her father insisted he would not sponsor her in anything other than medicineBy the time she got to Delhi, she was unsure on the career path to follow. She began to model with the Elite Modeling Agency but found this a little dull because there was no creativity in it. She shifted to acting by joining Asmita Training Group. Her participation in workshops organized by Gaur, the theater director, saw her take varying roles that pleased the director. Perhaps one of the most intriguing episodes of her career was when she acted as a man when a male actor was missing. She still has so much ahead of her.

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