Pearls versus Diamonds

In the last few years pearls have become more popular and pricier. They have even managed to overcome diamonds in popularity in auction sales. Therefore, it’s no wonder we keep seeing them everywhere on the red carpet, adorning the bride’s neckline or complementing a simple, day time outfit. If you’re still looking for the perfect jewelry piece to suit you, there are plenty of choices out there. Whether you’d like a plain stud pearl earring that you can wear daily or a statement necklace that will turn heads at every party, pearls are the safest bet when it comes to investing in a piece of jewelry.


Suitable for anything

Pearls have often been compared to diamonds. They are both stunning, but they are different in every aspect. Sure, diamonds are forever, but pearls are a girl’s best friend. While diamonds need to be cut and polished before they get to be set in silver, gold or platinum and be ready to be worn, pearls are completely organic. They are harvested from the bottom of the ocean and once they’re out of their mussel or oyster they’re ready to be worn. Once you place a pearl necklace around your neck, any dress or top looks ten times better. Light is reflected upwards, the complexion is slightly irradiated and all eyes are on you.


Pearls are safe

Pearls had no shortage of admirers throughout the decades: Cleopatra dissolved a pearl in a glass of vinegar to win a bet with Marc Antonius and show him she can spend a small fortune on a single meal. Elizabeth I wore several strands of pearls around her neck, pearls on her crown and pearls on her luxurious clothes. Coco Chanel wore pearls around her neck and her wrists. Grace Kelly looked demure in pearl chokers. We seem to be irrevocably head over heels in love with pearls. These fascinating gemstones are both a symbol of purity and authority. They are incredibly versatile and they’re no longer considered outdated or only suitable for our grandmothers.

Royalty’s favorites

Pearls have been a symbol of wealth and power in Europe in the Middle Ages. Other gemstones were also used to embellish the crowns of kings and queens. Sapphires, rubies and diamonds were all among some of the most popular at the time. But everyone kept going back to pearls. These beauties of the deep oceans had a tight grip on us for a long time. Not only women were mesmerized by their luster and delicate iridescence. Noble men didn’t hesitate to wear pearl earrings or pearl necklaces as a sign of power and opulence. Since back then cultured pearls were a dream of the future, natural pearls could cost an arm and a leg. Why not display them as much as possible?


Delicate and alive

Probably the main difference between pearls and diamonds, beside their obvious contrasting look and feel, is the process that lies behind their making. In raw form, diamonds don’t look very impressive. They need to be processed before they start turning heads. On the other hand, pearls are the only gems that are made by an animal and continues to be a living organism after it has been harvested. The surface of the nacre is absorbent and is easily influenced by the wearer’s skin and even the color of the complexion.

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