Protect The Latest Nexus Phones With A Durable Vinyl Skin

Butter fingers, careless handling, or just plain old bad luck are the three most common reasons why people break their phones. You might have a tragic combination of all three, which is why you have a long rap sheet of broken phones in your past and a huge dent in your current savings. You can’t afford to pay for another phone after replacing the last one, so it’s important that your new Nexus stays in full-working order for a long while. Whether you have the Nexus 6P, 5X, or an older model, keep your newest Android in mint condition with a vinyl skin. A Nexus skin will break your habit of ruining your phone and save your wallet from another charge.

A Nexus skin will provide your phone with the protection it needs, even when you accidentally place it in the line of fire. Should you throw it into your bag to bounce around with other (sharp) objects the vinyl skin will keep these items from gouging or scratching the body of your phone. It takes the brunt of the damage so that your Nexus stay unblemished underneath its cover.

If you’re the type to keep your Nexus out when you go for a coffee date or drinks, a vinyl skin will prevent huge spills and grime from ruining your phone. Vinyl’s a naturally impervious material, so any spilled latte or cocktail will bead up against its surface, ready to be wiped up by an at-hand napkin or cloth. It also fights against grime build-up, preventing the dirt and debris you can find on the average table from gumming up buttons or spoiling the look of your Nexus.


Finally, the vinyl of a Nexus wrap will best help you if you’re particularly clumsy with your phone. Its surface makes any Nexus easier to handle, as it provides a better grip for your hand—whatever you’re doing. So you can continue to text and walk down the street as you usually do; you can carry on playing Canady Crush with only one hand while on the subway; and you can keep posing for your Snapchat story.

That’s what’s so ingenious about Nexus skins—they let you continue on using it as if they weren’t there at all. They’re custom cut with precision according to the exact generation of Nexus that you have, so it can accommodate its unique features without interfering with them. The Nexus 6P skin will work around its fingerprint scanner, while the Nexus 5X skin will work around all of its button, ports, and speakers.

It works so seamlessly with your particular Nexus that, were it not for the eye-catching colours and textures it comes in, you could easily forget you had a skin at all. Nexus skins can come in a variety of different styles so that you can customize the look of your phone according to your unique personality. When you visit the best online retailers, you can use a feature that lets you see your creation on your model in real time – before you order it. Click through the latest options in Nexus skins from dbrand and you’ll be able to see each piece in the colour that you want until you’ve arrived at a completely individual, totally ‘you’ skin—whatever your Nexus is. Then you’ll never be disappointed with what arrives in the mail.

But this parcel won’t just add style to your phone, remember. It’s there to protect it, too. So don’t make your Nexus just another phone in the long line of Androids you’ve broken. Keep this one safe and sound for as long as you can with a vinyl skin. You’ll save it from the dangers that your butter fingers, careless handling, and just plain old bad luck can cause.

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