Lingerie helps a woman enhance her best assets and hide those things that she isn’t comfortable with. Wearing a sexy lingerie has a way of making you feel sexy and look captivatingly attractive.

To help you make a good choice when choosing the perfect lingerie, here are some tips to help you wear your sexy lingerie with so much confidence that you’ll want to leave the house in it.

  • Know your body

Know your body type and go for what looks good on you. Lingerie should make you feel sexy, beautiful and confident. If you have amazing legs, show it off by wearing something short.Image result for SEXY LINGERIE

  • Comfort

It is always a good idea to try on your lingerie first. It’s important to make sure that you find a perfect fit and something that accentuates your body. You’re probably going to sleep in it so make sure it is comfortable.

  • Color

Regardless or age or stage in life, black lace lingerie looks exquisite, classic and elegant and glamorous on every woman.

Also, go for a color that best suits you. Something that you feel comfortable wearing.

  • Bring a friend or ask for professional help when buying lingerie

When trying on lingerie, your friend or the shop attendant might tell you something that your boyfriend normally wouldn’t. And besides the store attendants do this for a living so they are likely to help you get something that gives you the sexiest look.

  • Keep your lingerie style updated

There’s always new styles, prints, and colours, have fun and keep it interesting. If you have had a lingerie for 5 or tear years and it has holes in it or is beginning to tear, it’s about time you got a new one.

  • Quality

It’s better to get quality lingerie that’s softer and lasts longer. This allows you to wear it again and again rather than buying something cheap and uncomfortable.

Being confident in your body can bring new experiences to the bedroom. So wear lingerie that makes you feel amazing and stay sexy!

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