Top 3 Tips on How to Wear an Off-Shoulder Dress


There is a new dress in town and everybody is crazy about it: the off-shoulder summer dress – a sophisticated, yet old-school glamorous outline to match all women’s body types and ages (which you can’t say about many other dress styles). This type of dress is not actually new, and it came back and forth on runways for many years now. Proudly worn by celebrities and jazzed up by designers, this dress can take you everywhere, even if it is a clear Boho inspiration and speaks volumes about sexy beach laidback attitudes.

The fashion world felt in love with the dress this year, as it made one of the biggest trends of the season. Versatile, seductive, incredibly feminine, bold and stylish, the Brigitte Bardot-inspired Boho dress became a staple of this season. But can you wear it any way you like, or are there some tips, tricks, and rules to follow in order to enhance it and style it up? Let’s see a few styling ideas to make the best of this off-shoulder bonanza!

1. Pick Your Color

One might argue that an off-shoulder dress (be it short-sleeved or long-sleeved) is not quite appropriate for the office, as it shows too much skin. Some fashion experts beg to differ: a slim fit midi dress in black or white paired with a pair of classic stilettos can turn you into a fashion icon even in a formal corporate environment. If you still don’t feel right about it, try to switch it up onto your shoulders to show as little as possible. Sweet soft, discrete make-up and demure jewelry can make you look stylish but very professional.

2. Pick Your Pattern

If you want to pull off a more bohemian and romantic look, try a long-sleeved short/midi summer dress in the new and amazing patterns that are all the rage this year: ethnic, tribal, abstract geometric and flower prints, marble prints, and stripes. A Boho style is based on a few styling fundamentals that you might want to take into account if you really want to pull off a gorgeous summer casual look:

  • Neutral, earthy nuances: you can wear warm hues of brown, beige, champagne, ivory, eggshell, dark green and olive, warm earthy reds, cerulean and aqua blues, oranges and all tones of summery yellows.
  • Sheer, see-through, layered natural fabrics: the Boho style focuses on natural fabrics like silk, lace, cotton, velvet, suede, wool or mohair.
  • Comfort is the key: no matter what dress style you choose, your off-shoulder dress should be fluid, floating, sensual, laidback and romantically sexy. As footwear goes, such dresses go great with flat gladiator sandals, flip flops for beach parties and even suede distressed ankle boots for a true Boho look.

3. Hair and Jewelry

Wearing an off-shoulder dress implies a little hairstyling and some accessorizing. If you pick a Boho dress, you should wear tousled beach wavy bangs for a romantic, laidback look. An unkempt ponytail and exposed tanned shoulders paired with a gorgeous necklace will take you to a hot night out, a summer party, a date or a casual day downtown. In order to make your shoulders, clavicles and neckline the center of attention, pull your hair up in a bun for more formal occasions.

  • A choker necklace will take you anywhere – and if you truly want to look stylish, sophisticated and yet cool, try a single-strand pearl choker necklace.
  • Such a dress goes great with stacked necklaces of various lengths – thin chains, small beads or rhinestones, velvety necklaces and so on. A full Boho chic outfit can be truly complemented by stacked bracelets – in case you know the rules of stacking them – and drop or stud earrings.

An off-shoulder dress is a piece of high-end fashion and style, and you should make the best of it this summer. Whether you want to pull off a formal or casual look, this dress is versatile enough to suit any personal style and fit to any occasion.

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