Turquoise in your home

A color that is very trendy and that designer often praise and that’s really recommended for this time of the year is turquoise.

It’s often avoided during the winter, but this color is having a major comeback this season and it will stay in our interiors. It’s trendier than ever when it comes to wall colors, sofas and armchairs. For the shy folks, this color is a bit provocative. So, make sure you choose only one dominant piece that will radiate the color through the entire space.


It’s a really great color for this season. It is derived from blue and green, and it symbolizes peaces, dreaming and quiet. Just like a breeze, it brings a little zen energy into every room. It also gives a quite exotic feel to the space, and that allows you to combine turquoise colors with ethno elements without problems. This color will give your space an instant fresh feeling and will automatically make your interior lighter..

But make sure you limit the use of this color in your home. You don’t want everything painted in it or else guests will think they fell into a pool. It is really important that you balance things out when using this color in your home. And a great way to achieve a balanced interior when using turquoise is by having great and balanced lighting. Lighting is by itself essential and a key ingredient in a well designed interior, so it is really a top priority. But try to balance things out with natural light. For example, if you have a lighter shade of turquoise on your walls, you may want to dim the light a bit, and the other way around. A great way to achieve that is by varying the degree of closure on your blinds system.

It is an intense color, but it is nicely combined with mild shades like orange, mint green, mustard yellow or brow. For a more delicate combination, you can pair it with gray, cream or pink, as well as purple. It goes very well with other shades of blue and green. But it really depends on what you like. Any combination will work as long as you like it in the end.

If you want to give your rooms real character don’t be afraid of painting an entire wall in this color. You can even paint a wardrobe in this interesting color. Basically, the space will be accented, and the big blue will really do some good things for your home and your mood.

It is a really charming color that can be put to very good use in your home. If you feel like it matches your sensibilities, why not try to use it in your space, we are sure you are going to love it. In the end, you won’t know what you’re missing if you don’t try it, so go ahead. Give it a try.

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