Upgrade The Look Of Your Xbox One With A Personalized Skin

If you’re anything like the typical gamer, then you’re spending a lot of your spare time with your Xbox. According to a recent study, most people play an average of 3 hours a day. But let’s be honest here, now that the Xbox One Dashboard has linked your console and TV with all of your favorite apps, chances are that number is lowballed. When you take into account how often you use your Xbox—not only to play CoD—but to watch Netflix, run Skype, surf the Internet, and play music, you’re more likely using your console upwards to 5, 6, 7 hours a day.

Perhaps your number is a little lower—or a little higher! It doesn’t matter how many hours you use yours; it all points to the same thing. How you use your Xbox One is important—and personal. As a permanent fixture in your living room (and your life!), it’s time that you deck it out in a personalized skin worthy of the system.


After all, every single item surrounding your Xbox was chosen by you for a specific reason. The couch you’re sitting on was the only red sofa that looked good and fit in your apartment’s staircase. You built and stained the TV stand and matching side tables. You and your partner framed all of your favorite posters and hung them artfully around the room. The large Persian rug really tied the room together. Why then would you let something as integral to the room as your Xbox go untouched by your hand?

Now that you can get an affordable, stylish skin there is no excuse to leave your Xbox One in the same condition as it was when you first bought it. An Xbox One skin can totally transforms your system into something completely ‘you’, complementing your chosen interior design décor or matching your gamertag’s avatar. Choose from wood, metallic, leather, carbon fiber, and matte textures in a variety of colors until you arrive at something you love. With plenty of options for personalization, you won’t worry about ever making a run-of-the-mill skin.

An Xbox One skin doesn’t just enhance your entertainment system. When you purchase your skin from a trusted retailer, it can protect it too! dbrand has your Xbox One skins that balance style with security, as all of their designs are made out of precision cut genuine 3M vinyl. This material is flexible enough to cover every nook and cranny of your Xbox, yet strong enough to stand up against rough handling and sharp objects that can scratch, scuff, or gouge pieces out of your system. They can even fit around your Kinect and controller to ensure every part of the Xbox is fashionable and protected.

Protection is a valuable feature when you rely on your Xbox for so many things. Whether you play it for the standard 3 hours or you spend far more time on it than average, your Xbox will only benefit from a snazzy skin. So go online and see what sort of designs you can think up.

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