Use UV tanning beds to get the tanned skin

Fairer skin is high at risk of sun damages and different types of skin allergies. Thus, a lot of fairer people are there who look for the skin tanning solutions so that they can get the dusky skin which helps them to have a better health. Along with this, the tanned skin makes you look more beautiful. Most of the people who want to have the tanned skin prefer to take the sun bath on the beached or in the open space in their house. Sun tanning takes a long time and also you will have to go outside to find the sunny area. Thus, the tanning bed is the right option. It will help you to get tanned in a controlled manner without going out in the sun.  Here is some more information about tanning beds.

Working of the tanning beds

Tanning beds are basically the bed or the enclosed units which consist of the UV lights.  The UV radiations created by the bulbs are used for tanning your skin. When you are exposed to the UV lights, the radiations stimulate the melanocytes in your skin. These are the cells which are responsible for producing brown pigments. Melanocytes protect your skin from sun burn and the harmful effects of UV.  The UV radiations are capable of penetrating deep into your skin through dermis so that it reaches the blood vessels and cells to turn your skin darker. Depending upon your natural skin color, the number of tanning sessions varies from 3 to 5. It is important to keep the gap of at least 72 hours between the tanning sessions to avoid the harmful effects of UV on the skin.

Types of tanning beds

Tanning beds are categorized into the horizontal and vertical tanning bed. The horizontal tanning units are the beds while the vertical tanning units are the tanning booths in which you can get your skin tanned in the standing position. Both types of tanning beds work in the same manner.

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